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Let's continue looking at the verb 'to go' combined with particles. Here are some more common ones:

'to go on doing something' means to continue doing something.

  • He didn't even look at me. He just went on working.
  • I can't go on working so hard. I'm going to make myself ill.

'to go on to do something' means to move on to something after you have finished.

  • First he told us about the present situation, then he went on to tell us about the future.
  • If you have no further questions, I'd like to go on to the next part of my talk.

'to go on' means to happen.

  • What's going on outside? There's a lot of noise.
  • There's not much going on this afternoon. It's very quiet.

'to go out' means to leave home to go to the cinema or the pub for example.

  • I won't be home tonight. I'm going out with Kelly.
  • We're going out for a beer tonight. Would you like to come?

'to go over' means to review something to check it.

  • I'm not sure my figures are accurate. Can we go over them again?
  • He went over the main points again to be sure we had understood.

'to go through' means to experience an unpleasant or difficult time.

  • It was terrible. I don't want to go through that again.
  • He's going through a very difficult time what with his divorce etc.

'to go through' also means to examine something carefully.

  • The customs officer went through their bags looking for drugs.
  • I've been through his papers but I can't find the one I'm looking for.

'to go under' means to fail or go bankrupt.

  • Three thousand companies have gone under so far this year.
  • Cash flow is the reason that most companies go under.

'to go up' means to increase or rise.

  • The number of jobless went up 0.5 percent last month.
  • It's very expensive now. The price has gone up by ten percent since January.

'to go with' means to support an idea or the people proposing a plan.

  • I think Jack's right. I have to go with him.
  • We should go with Sue's idea. It's the best idea yet.


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