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These exercises are about using the verb 'to stop ' combined with particles:

Please note that some of these expressions are not used in American English.

'to stop away' means to deliberately not go back to a place.

  • Since the beach was polluted by petrol, people have been stopping away.
  • After the terrorist attacks on London, tourists stopped away for a while.

'to stop back' means to return to a place at a later time.

  • I didn't have time to talk so I told him to stop back later when I had some free time.
  • I'll stop back on the way home from work and see how you are.

'to stop behind' means to stay in a place after everyone else has left.

  • I stopped behind after the meeting to talk to Bill.
  • Stop behind after class so I can give you some extra work to do.

'to stop by' means to visit a place quickly.

  • I'm going to stop by Jim's house on the way home.
  • Stop by for a coffee when you are next here.

'to stop in' means to not go out.

  • I'm not going to the cinema with them this evening. I've decided to stop in.
  • I'm stopping in and watching TV tonight. I can't afford to go out.

'to stop off' means to stay in a place in the middle of a journey.

  • We stopped off in Paris on the way to Nice to visit some friends.
  • I'll stop off at the shops on the way home and buy some bread.

'to stop out' means to stay out late at night. ('stay out' in American English.)

  • When I was a student, I often stopped out all night and came home for breakfast.
  • He often stops out all night during the holidays and comes home at dawn.

'to stop over' means to spend a night in a place in the middle of a journey.

  • On the way to Australia, we are stopping over in Singapore.
  • On the round the world ticket, we can stop over in five different countries.

'to stop up' means to not go to bed until much later than usual. ('stay up' in American English.)

  • Don't stop up too late. You've got school tomorrow.
  • We all stopped up until midnight to see the New Year in.


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