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Now let's continue looking at some common expressions using the verb 'to take ' combined with particles:

'to take in' means to let someone stay in your house as a guest.

  • She is taking in paying guests to help pay for her house.
  • She took in a lodger to help pay the mortgage.

'to take in' also means to deceive someone, to make someone believe something that is not true.

  • I was completely taken in by him. I believed everything he said.
  • Don't be taken in by all the publicity. It's a very expensive product.

'to take in' also means to understand, comprehend a situation.

  • I just couldn't take in what he was saying. It didn't make sense.
  • He was in shock and couldn't take in what people were saying to him.

'to take in' also means to take something for repair.

  • I took my car in this morning for a service.
  • I'll take it in and get it cleaned.

'to take off' means to remove something, especially clothes.

  • I had to take my coat off when the sun came out, it was so warm.
  • I wish he would take off his sunglasses so we can see his eyes.

'to take off' is also to be away from work for holidays or illness.

  • He has never taken a day off in twenty years. He's our best employee.
  • I'm going to take a couple of days off to visit my parents.

'to take off' is also when a plane leaves the ground.

  • The plane was over half an hour late taking off but we arrived on time.
  • I hate taking off. I can't see how the plane can get off the ground.

'to take on' means to begin to employ someone.

  • Sophie has just been taken on with a permanent contract.
  • We need to take on a couple of extra sales people as business is growing very fast.

'to take on' also means to accept a responsibility or a work.

  • We've taken on too much work. We just don't have enough staff to do it.
  • We can't take on any more new clients. We have too many already.

'to take out' means to remove something from a particular place.

  • He took the picture out of the frame and gave it to me.
  • She had to take everything out of her handbag before she found her papers.


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