AP Literature vs AP Language: Which of them Is Necessary?

Advanced Placement (AP) English Language and AP Literature are year-long courses and examinations offered by the College Board. These help high school students prepare and earn credit for the Advanced Placement Program and higher studies in the USA and Canada. They include a college-level curriculum and exam structure for students to have better knowledge and … Read more

AP Macroeconomics vs AP Microeconomics: Which One Is Right for You?

Economics is one of the most popularly studied courses across the globe. Essentially, it is the social science that analyses the interaction of us, humans, with things that hold a certain value. The primary subjects of study in economics are the production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services. Besides that, it uses the data … Read more

Is AP Gov Harder Than APUSH? Which One Needs More Work?

Advanced Placement or AP courses are generally harder than traditional high-school courses. It involves college-level coursework for school students. However, many students opt for them. This is because they lead to college credits and advanced placements. Looking forward to making your choice between AP Gov and AP US History (APUSH)? Read on to know more … Read more

Is AP Language Worth It? Should You Be Bothered to Take It?

Advanced Placement English Language and Composition course is a popular one. Initially, the courses like English language and Literature were combined, but later they were put into two different parts. This is a course that takes the study of language taken in high school. This course is made available for the juniors. The English Literature … Read more

Is AP Capstone Worth It? Should You Be Bothered to Take It?

Advanced Placement Capstone is a 2-year program that has two courses. The two courses are AP Seminar and AP Research. It is a diploma program and signifies that you have completed certain high school requirements to receive it. It helps scholars in making more logical and evidence-based decisions. The AP courses help the high school … Read more