AP Chemistry Or AP Biology: Which One To Opt For?

Let’s take a close look at which one of the two subjects is better. As it is a vital step to grasp the concept of Advanced Placement courses.

These are exclusively carried out in the United States and Canada.

The course believes in giving exposure to the students of high school for appearing in certain specific examinations. This thereby gives them credits in their further studies and an edge over the other students.

A student’s academic subject in the University determines the course of job exposure, in which choosing the right AP plays a very significant role.

Therefore, it is better to know about AP Chemistry as well as AP Biology thoroughly before opting for it.

What Best Describes AP Chemistry And AP Biology?

Both AP Chemistry and AP Biology are a part of Science, while the former deals with the concept of Atoms, Molecules, etc.

Also, with its extensions as well as sub-divisions, the latter involves the chapters related to human life and its organisms in vivid shapes, forms, structures, and biological behavior.

The pattern of Examination and the Course

The examination for both the subjects is divided into two papers: section 1 and section 2. Section 1 is a multiple choice type paper that carries 60 questions with a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes for both the subjects.

However, in section 2, the AP Chemistry paper carries seven free response questions with a stipulated time of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

And the AP Biology paper carries six free-response questions that are to be completed within 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The marking is done on the basis of ‘AP Score,’ which is further converted into ‘college grade equivalent.’ This grading is given to each and every student, whether the student has qualified or not.

Skills Required

Many students at this point in time require undergoing various aptitude tests or counseling sessions.

These provide clarity of whether or not the student possesses the quality of playing with numbers in the case of AP Chemistry.

And, in the case of AP Biology, it is crucial for the student to be able to have good memorizing skills as most of it is theoretical application.

Which One Is Tougher?

Both subjects need thorough practice as well as reading. However, a lot of students find AP Biology easier than that of Chemistry due to the inclusivity of Mathematical Reasoning and bulky Atomic concepts.


Students should be well aware of the Universities they would want to get in beforehand. And then start preparing accordingly as various courses demand different ways of preparation.

The process demands constant dedication as well as efforts to make it happen. Therefore, hard work is the key to success for the Advanced Placement course.

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