AP Literature vs AP Language: Which of them Is Necessary?

Advanced Placement (AP) English Language and AP Literature are year-long courses and examinations offered by the College Board.

These help high school students prepare and earn credit for the Advanced Placement Program and higher studies in the USA and Canada.

They include a college-level curriculum and exam structure for students to have better knowledge and understanding of the specific subjects.

They have better chances of scoring as well as graduating early in college.

AP Literature and AP Language: Course & skills

Here are the core skills you need to develop to do well in the two courses:

AP Literature

AP literature wholly focuses on analyzing, reading, writing, understanding, narration, and structure of Literature.

It has a short but deep curriculum, including the teaching of many different types of Literature, i.e., poetry, drama, fiction, etc. of different time periods.

Moreover, it is helping students understand the plot, the character functions, word choices, imageries, etc.

It helps students develop skills like reading comprehension, identifying figurative language, literary techniques, etc.

AP Language

AP Language mainly focuses on a student’s understanding of rhetorical situations, reasoning, analyzing pieces of evidence, and style reading & writing. It has a very wide curriculum, allowing students to have a vast experience of learning.
This course emphasizes non-fiction readings, for example, political writing, essays, autobiographies, etc., while helping them develop skills like analytical writing, argumentative writing, and narrating.

What’s the difference?

The main difference between AP Language and AP Literature revolves around the types of readings and writings involved.

While AP language involves Non-fiction articles, essays, and writings, AP literature involves only but a variety of fiction readings, such as prose, poetry, drama, etc.

Moreover, AP Language requires a student to research, analyze and explore argumentative & rhetorical reading and writing, hile AP Literature requires a student to have deep knowledge & understanding of literary symbols, techniques, narrative styles, and critical evaluation.

Which one is better?

None of them is better than the other. Both AP Literature and AP Language have their own essence, and the answer to the most asked question, “Which one should I take?” totally depends on you.

If you enjoy fiction and close reading of different literature writings more, then AP Literature would be the best choice for you.

However, if you’re more inclined towards grammar and rhetoric, then AP language would be a better choice for you.

How are AP exams scored?

The AP exams are calculated based on the student’s scores in two sections; multiple choices and free-response.

They are scored on 1-5 point scales, where 1 project “No recommendation” and 5 translates to “Extremely well qualified.”

Who can take these courses & exams?

While these courses have college-level classes, they’re available for high school students, i.e., for students of 11th and 12th grades.

AP courses are available around the world, including the United States, India, China, Canada, etc.

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