Is AP World History Harder Than APUSH? Which One Needs More Work?

AP courses are generally rigorous and challenging.

Therefore, to score well in them, you have to choose wisely. High scores will lead to good credit. College-level credits and advanced placements are a huge benefit that can be gained from these courses.

Both AP World History and AP US History APUSH are interesting but difficult courses. Read on to find which one is harder.

Course Content

AP World History covers the monumental moments in the history of the world. It is divided into chronological units.

Some of the themes covered in this course include governance, economic sections, cultural developments, and more.

This course is equivalent to an introductory college or university survey of modern world history.

APUSH is one of the many units in which the APUSH course is divided. It contains minute details of the history of the United States of America. It is divided according to periods in history.

Some of the themes included in this course are national identity, politics, and power, migration. APUSH is equivalent to a two-semester introductory college course in U.S. history.

Skills Required

There are some general skills that students of these courses should have.

  • Ability to write grammatically correct, complete sentences
  • Affinity for historical thinking skills
  • Adept at reasoning processes
  • Good comprehension skills (as a college textbook will be referred to)

Final Verdict

Statistically, it has been found that AP World History has a higher passing rate than APUSH.

Most students have found APUSH harder because it is rich in minute details. Since it covers a small period and geographical area, there are comparatively more details.

The MCQ section has been deemed particularly tough. Therefore, AP World History is not harder than APUSH. APUSH is a more difficult course.

This is, however, a general analysis. It can, therefore, vary as per your skill set and interest. It is important to take note of your requirements and personal skills before choosing a course.

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