Is AP Calculus Hard? Is the Exam One to Fear?

While any AP test can be challenging, none of them have a reputation quite like Calculus does.

After all, it combines the daunting AP classes with math, which is already a class many find incredibly hard. So with that in mind just how hard is AP Calculus?

Is the AP Calculus Exam Hard?

In general, it can be challenging. But depending on how you handle it it’s doesn’t have to be harder than your average math test. Depending on your preferences you might even find it easier in fact.

A complete AP Calculus Test will consist of 6 questions in a 90 minutes test time. So, to begin with, that already sounds like a shorter test than many others.

And through the entire A section, you’ll have access to your calculator.

The last 4 questions won’t let you use a calculator, but two out of the 4 questions are multiple-choice. Once again, the difficulty bar is lowered to a degree.

So all in all mastering the topics should be your main concern, as the exam structure isn’t any more or less daunting than your average test.

What’s Covered on the Exam?

Now let’s go over the topics. The two core topics handled in AP Calculus are limits and function analysis.

This of course includes understanding both the graphs and functions of a limit as well as being able to integrate those concepts to specific problems.

When it comes to functions the topics can vary a lot. But change is a major element that is tested in AP Calculus.

And derivatives are integral are also guaranteed to play a role. All in all the topics aren’t that vast, so the key to getting ready is studying with those specific topics in mind.

What Skills Do You Need to Pass?

Your number one skill as it tends to be in tests will be to properly interpret the problem at hand. Often times people who are “bad” at math just have issues with extracting the right information out of a paragraph.

Being able to graph limits will be key too. As even if you aren’t asked to do it yourself there definitely will be a question that involves graphs.

And of course, you need to have a mastery of derivatives, antiderivatives, and integrals. It’s not the widest set of topics, but it is a thorough one so proper preparation matters.

Strategy for Better Performance

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when presenting your exam.

First of all, remember that there aren’t that many questions, so try to remain calm. Make sure to have your formulas memorized and make sure you understand every function in your calculator.

Also, something really important to keep in mind is that in AP Calculus the process is worth more points than the answer itself.

So in open questions make sure to note down as many steps of your calculations as possible.

How you reach an answer is what matters the most in this test.

So even if you aren’t sure of your final answer or you simply don’t have enough time to reach it leave all your calculations on the test, they will matter in the long run.

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