Is AP Capstone Worth It? Should You Be Bothered to Take It?

Advanced Placement Capstone is a 2-year program that has two courses.

The two courses are AP Seminar and AP Research. It is a diploma program and signifies that you have completed certain high school requirements to receive it.

It helps scholars in making more logical and evidence-based decisions. The AP courses help the high school students to gain an insight into the college curriculum.

It is a bit different from the regular AP classes.

In regular AP classes, you can choose according to your potential, but AP Capstone classes require you to meet certain criteria to qualify it.

The Capstone Courses

There are two capstone courses that you will have to take to qualify the basic requirements. You will be required to take the AP

Seminar course in the 10th or 11th grade. You will take up the AP Research course in the 11th or the 12th grade. Now let’s look at the two courses.

AP Seminar

In this course, you will be required to choose two to four issues. These are sometimes decided by the teacher as well. This course aims to help you develop analytical and inquiry skills.

Civic issues, global issues, student interests, local issues, and concepts from other AP classes are discussed in this course.

The course will require you to complete a team project and an individual presentation, and an AP exam.

AP Research

This course will require you to plan and conduct year-long research.

You can choose and investigate the topic of your choice. This course helps in understanding research methodologies and ethics.

There will be no formal exam, but you will be assessed based on your paper and presentation.

Is AP Capstone Worth Choosing?

AP Capstone is a newly launched course, and thus a lot of colleges do not consider it. Being a new course, it is certain that it will face some tweaks and upgradations constantly.

It requires you to attend 6 AP classes without an option to drop even one. If you opt for this, you should explain why you took it as colleges will look for an answer.


Being a two-year diploma, AP Capstone is a rigorous course. It will expect you to meet the requirements to attain it. It hasn’t gained much popularity and consideration.

It is advised that you take up this course only if you are interested and dedicated.

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