Is AP English Hard? Can You Scale It Easily?

When you have a good understanding of the English language, the exam is not that hard.

Also, it would be better to practice beforehand so you would have the necessary amount of confidence to conquer the exam.

It would be a different story if you go into the exam feeling a bit nervous than you already are. You can practice writing English then ask someone to correct your grammar. It would be a great feeling to learn from your mistakes.

What the Exam Covers

The exam consists mostly of multiple-choice questions.

First, you will be given a passage then you will answer several questions related to it. Second, you are going to be given a topic to write about.

Hence, you would be better off if you are used to writing English all the time. In fact, you may even finish faster than you originally thought. You can expect there to be a question and answer questions about a variety of topics.

Required Skills

The first is analytical skills as you would need to analyze what happened in the passage that you just read. It is possible you are going to read the passage numerous times when you get to the questions.

There will be some questions there that will ask you the best meaning of a few hard to understand words there.

The second is a complete mastery of English grammar as you can’t afford to make any form of grammar mistakes in the essay part.

There will be underlined parts of a sentence and you will identify which part makes is wrong.

There is also the option of saying there is nothing wrong with the sentence.

There will also be a part of the exam where you will choose the word or words among the choices that best fits the sentence. Better read each choice to see which one best fits the sentence the most.

How to Tackle It

It would be best to read a lot of English articles.

Also, it would be better to practice writing English articles that have perfect grammar. It would also be a nice idea to hire an English tutor who can tell you what you can do to correct your mistakes.

It is important that a person must be someone who uses English as his or her first language or else it would be for nothing.

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