Is AP English Worth It? Should You Be Bothered to Take It?

Some key differences between the two AP English courses, AP Literature and AP Language, set these two apart.

Some schools offer these courses in sequence, while others offer these courses in the same year, forcing students to choose between the two.

To choose the ideal AP English course, you need to understand the points where these courses are similar and where they differ.

What Is AP English All About?

Even though both the AP English courses are comparatively easier to pass, they require a substantial amount of reading and writing assignments.

So, which test will be harder for you will depend on your strengths and weakness as they both have their reading lists.

Course Content and Exam Pattern

AP Language covers an in-depth study of non-fiction texts focusing on rhetorical analysis and writing skills, particularly in evidence-based pieces.

AP literature evaluates works of fiction, poetry, and period dramas focusing on your analysis of those literary pieces.

The reading and writing assignments will be designed to help you analyze literary and research-based works.

Both AP English Literature and AP English Language course have their exam in two sections.

AP English Literature course takes about three hours, and AP English Language spans over three hours and fifteen minutes, where the extra fifteen minutes is accorded as reading time.

Skills Required

To excel in AP English courses, you need a good understanding of advanced vocabulary and written literary pieces.

Your reading and writing level should be up to the mark. Additionally, you should have analytical skills that will allow you to make fact-based arguments with finesse.

To Wrap Up

Both AP English courses have their benefits.

AP Literature is ideal for those students looking to pursue a career in Arts and Humanities. Whereas AP Language focuses more on your reading and writing and how you can do that effectively.

So, it focuses on a broader course spectrum. At the end of the day, whatever course you choose, AP English is worth it.

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