Is AP Gov Harder Than APUSH? Which One Needs More Work?

Advanced Placement or AP courses are generally harder than traditional high-school courses. It involves college-level coursework for school students.

However, many students opt for them.

This is because they lead to college credits and advanced placements.

Looking forward to making your choice between AP Gov and AP US History (APUSH)? Read on to know more about the courses to decide accordingly.

Course Overview

AP Gov seeks to teach students fundamental concepts regarding the foundation of the US government.

It is an interesting course covering themes like constitutionalism, political analysis methods, liberty and order, and more. It also involves a project requirement.

The AP APUSH course is divided into several units, like APUSH.

These have been divided according to periods in history. Some of the themes included in this course include American and national identity, politics and power, migration, and more.

Skills Required and Exam Pattern

These are more rigorous than regular courses. There are no fixed prerequisites. However, there are some general recommendations.

You should have good comprehension skills.

You should be able to write grammatically correct, complete sentences

The exam takes place once a year, in May. In both courses, multiple-choice questions, as well as free-response questions, are present.

Scoring well gives you a good advantage over competitors during college applications.

Final Verdict

Statistically, it has been found that AP Gov has a higher passing rate than APUSH. APUSH is a detailed course and requires minute knowledge on topics.

The APUSH section has particular, minute historical facts that need to be kept in mind.

The multiple-choice section is particularly difficult. Comparatively, AP Gov can be easier as it also depends on current situations. According to this, no, AP Gov is not harder than APUSH.

Even though, it ultimately depends on your aptitude and skill set.

If you can easily memorize large volumes of facts, APUSH might be easy for you. On the other hand, if you are interested in US politics, US Gov will let you score high.

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