Is AP Gov Worth It? Should You Be Bothered to Take It?

If politics and current affairs are your things, then AP Gov is for you.

Though the number of test-takers for this course is somewhat lesser than the other AP Courses, those who have taken this course or taught in high school cannot stress its importance enough.

What Is AP Gov About?

AP US Government and Politics cover concepts that are extremely relevant to the current political scenario.

It covers the key concepts of the US Government and its ideologies, including the United States’ political institutions.

The students get to analyze and discuss the US Constitution and other documents that record the country’s key political developments.

Course Content and Exam Pattern

The AP Gov course covers topics like the foundation of American Democracy and its Civil Rights Movements.

Students taking AP Gov also acquire in-depth knowledge about Americans’ political ideologies and beliefs and their political participation.

This course also teaches you how the Government functions and the branches of the Government interacts.

The AP Gov test’s exam pattern is straightforward and consists of two sections – Multiple choice and free response spanning a total of two hours and twenty-five minutes.

Skills Required

Students who have taken the test beforehand claim that the course requires quite a bit of memorizing.

The concepts that one learns in AP Gov are not of the past. As this is an entry-level college course, students need to cultivate their understanding of the Constitution and the ideals they believe in.


AP Gov course is the ideal way to start if you want to pursue a career in Government or as a diplomat or even if you are just fascinated with political science.

AP Gov allows you to understand the workings of the Government with all its contradictions and complications and success and failure.

In short, to understand your country better, you should go for AP Gov.

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