Is AP Human Geography Worth It? Should You Be Bothered to Take It?

The AP Human Geography exam “exposes students to the systematic analysis of patterns and trends that have influenced human perception, use, and modification of the surface of the Earth.

In simple words, AP Human Geography looks at how mankind has actively or passively observed and influenced its environment.

Study Topics for AP Human Geography

1. Economic growth and cultural change issues’
2. The impact of increasing population, changing rates of fertility, and global migration.
3. Challenges within a specific geographic area over political control and the supremacy of force by a sovereign state
4. The impact of global warming and the environmental impacts of mankind and its ongoing intervention in habitat transformation.

Skills Learnt

Through the entire process, I came across some skills that proved to be very valuable and informative. They are listed as follows.

Administration of Time

It allows you to manage the whole week’s work efficiently. This will give you enough time to concentrate on your studies.

Smart Work

Putting in hard work pays off when you work smartly. While preparing for the tests, make sure to understand the paper scheme. Revise and study on the required topics through worksheets and notes.

Jotting Down Notes

While the teacher explains various topics and shares slides, note down all the important points. This ensures you have the daily work enlisted. It also allows you to revise through them for tests.


All in all, AP Human Geography will provide you with an excellent understanding of the human condition that you won’t be sorry for pursuing the course. I strongly advise you to take AP Human Geography.

Make sure you opt for AP Human Geography, though, with an open attitude and a desire to learn about the world outside. The course will show you all over the globe.

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