Is AP Language Worth It? Should You Be Bothered to Take It?

Advanced Placement English Language and Composition course is a popular one.

Initially, the courses like English language and Literature were combined, but later they were put into two different parts.

This is a course that takes the study of language taken in high school. This course is made available for juniors.

The English Literature and Composition course is for the senior years. It involves writing a lot of analytical and persuasive essays, usually on non-fictional topics.

Exam Pattern

The exam usually consists of two sections. The first section is for one hour and consists of multiple-choice questions. Section two consists of free response questions and is of two hours and fifteen minutes.

There are usually 55 multiple choice questions in section 1, and section 2 consists of free-response questions based on three prompts.

The prompts are usually synthesis, passage analysis, and argument.

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Why Should You Choose AP Language?

Two different English courses are English Literature and English Language. But is it beneficial to choose AP Language? Let’s take a look.

AP Language is broad and has a much broader scope. It helps you to deconstruct the arguments mostly in non-fictional works.

Non-fiction is a broad category that includes topics ranging from journalism, satires, comedy, and photography. It requires a lot of writing to improve your arguments.

AP Language applies to a lot of areas that include not only humanities but also social sciences. If you are interested in a lot of areas, then this is a perfect fit for you.

You can apply it in sociology, political science, natural science, and even engineering.

The essays will test your composition skills and reading skills. Being widely applicable, AP Language is a perfect choice for every genre.


Advanced Placement Language and Composition course offer you a whole spectrum of the horizon.

It is applicable in mostly all the other courses as well. This course will help you to improve your composition skills. This also requires you to master the art of close reading to enhance your arguments.

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