Is AP Literature Hard? Can You Scale It Easily?

AP English Literature and Composition is one of the Advanced Placement classes high school students can take up.

These are a means of allowing exploration of college-level education before they decide on the future of their academics.

Firstly, the AP courses you pick will add to your experience and knowledge base.

Secondly, taking a specific AP course can often earn you credit for your college courses later on. This is a good way to save on the money and time you would have to spend on college degrees.

What Is AP English Literature And Composition About

If you are planning to take up AP English Literature and Composition, you can assess the difficulty in a few ways. You will need to take a look at the course and then ask around for personal opinions on the course.

AP Literature is a course in literary analysis of texts. It is an introductory course to college-level English. You will be expected to read and comprehend literature at a critical level.

Additionally, you will have to grasp notions of language, settings, structures, characters, and contexts of the work.

Exam Pattern And Course Content

The content of the course itself is framed in units. These units will be based on both high school and college texts that you may already be familiar with.

Depending on how experienced you are with reading, this course can be considered more or less difficult.
You will be expected to cover a total of 9 units.

These units can be flexibly organized as per your choice. Students will have to study 3 units each from poetry, short fiction, and longer fiction or drama.

Skills Required

You will be tested on various literary concepts and how well you can pick apart a literary text. The course requires you to cultivate certain course skills that are tested in the final exams.

These course skills include interpretation of texts and formulation of arguments.

You will also need to have great linguistic skills and be able to write long essays with proficiency. Although these are not formally tested, they play a major part in how you perform.

How Hard Is It To Score Well On AP English Literature And Composition?

Since AP classes and exams will impact your overall grade, you should also know how likely you are to score. In general, AP Literature is not a relatively high scoring course.

Fewer students score a 5 in AP Literature in comparison to other AP courses. However, the actual difficulty of the course classes will depend on factors like individual aptitude and teacher experience.


In addition to your expectations of grading, consider how well suited you are to AP Literature.

Before making your decision, consult other students who have taken the course. Make sure you gather multiple opinions of both good and average students.

Also, consult the teacher who is in charge of teaching the course. For an unbiased opinion, talk to a school or career counselor.

Is AP Literature hard?

This depends entirely on your preferences, your high school, and your aspirations for college. Objectively, it is not easy to score well on. However, it can be beneficial for those looking to pursue this field of study.

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