Is AP Microeconomics Hard? Can You Easily Scale It?

Advanced Placement courses are a way for high school students to access college-level courses.

This is a great way to prepare for your future in academics and understand your preferences better. Not to mention, courses like AP Microeconomics can help you earn credits for later use in your college degree.

For all these reasons, choosing the right AP course is important. However, knowing the difficulty of the course is necessary before making this choice. You should consider your own skillset and the educational resources available to you.

What Is AP Microeconomics About

AP Microeconomics is one of the economics courses that you can avail and is considered more difficult than Macroeconomics.

It mainly studies how limited resources are distributed as per the decisions and behaviors of firms and individuals.

Apart from this general outlook, you will also need to understand the course structure and scoring system involved.

Exam Pattern And Course Content

The exam for AP Microeconomics has the same layout as the AP Macroeconomics paper. It is divided into two sections covering multiple topics.

AP Microeconomics has 4 major categories that it covers throughout the year.

AP Microeconomics covers Basic Economic Concepts, Factor Markets, Nature and Function of Product Markets, and Market Failure and Role of the Government.

The course will prepare you for the exam according to these subjects. However, you should keep in mind that certain analytical skills will be involved.

This will require looking at graphs and understanding some data and numbers.

Skills Required

To judge the level of difficulty, you need to understand your aptitude for number crunching. Fortunately, this does not mean you need to be a math wiz.

The level of mathematical skill requires pretty basic. Although it always helps if you are comfortable with quick problem-solving.

Students often find that AP Microeconomics is more complex in terms of concepts. Since it requires a lot of memorizing, this can be a challenge for some.

It is not just a course you can perfect through practice. The knowledge you acquire must also be applied to situations to come up with certain conclusions.

The other skills you must possess should relate to the way you study. Since AP Microeconomics is heavy on analysis, you must be well-equipped to self-study.

You must also be open to grasping new ideas as they are taught. Thus, the level of difficulty will also depend on the educator for this specific course.

Depending on your high school and the teacher’s proficiency, the difficulty can increase or decrease.

How Hard Is It To Score Well For AP Macroeconomics?

While considering the toughness of AP Microeconomics, it is also crucial to assess how likely you are to score well. This will impact your overall GPA and chance of earning college credits.

When compared to other AP courses, AP Microeconomics has a higher rate of scoring. Students are more likely to score a 5.

However, this does not always reflect how hard the course material is in itself.


AP Microeconomics is not a simple course, however, it can be managed with some dedicated effort.

You should always ask around for reviews from other students who have taken the course. Talk to teachers and school or career counselors as well before making a decision.

It’s best to check out prospective colleges and the courses that interest you in advance. After this, you can decide for yourself the difficulty of the AP Microeconomics course and your willingness to work for it.

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