Is AP Physics Worth It? Should You Be Bothered to Take It?

Advanced Placement Physics is a collection of various courses and exams.

It covers multiple areas of physics. In AP Physics, a high-scoring student can earn some decent credits. This looks great in the college application.

It is considered the most comprehensive and thought proving of all science courses. It requires high dedication and hard work.

This is not one of those naturally occurring things and will require a lot of work.

What Are the Different Options Available?

If you decide to choose AP Physics, you will be given four options. Here the are:

AP Physics 1

It is majorly algebra-based. Also, it covers the topics of Newtonian Mechanics, basics of mechanical waves, and basics of circuits. It lays its emphasis on critical thinking and reasoning.

AP Physics 2

AP Physics 2 is algebra-based and contains topics like magnetism and electricity. This means that it further covers topics of thermodynamics, fluids, and optics.

AP Physics C (Electricity and Magnetism)

It covers the topics of electricity and magnetism. It includes topics of electrostatics, electromagnetism, electric circuits, and magnetic fields.

AP Physics C (Mechanics)

This focuses on Newtonian Mechanics that includes kinematics, oscillations, and rotations. This further includes Newton’s Laws of motion, work, energy, and many more units.

Things to Consider Before Choosing AP Physics

These things are very important. Not only will they help you understand what’s to come. But also how you can structure your schedule so you can have a good chance to succeed.

Your Academic Plans

You should consider what the major you are looking for in college is. You can choose AP Physics 1 and 2 for all STEM courses are relevant to all science-based courses.

But if you are interested in engineering and architecture, you should choose either of AP Physics C.

Your Preparation

AP courses are an addition to your regular courses, only chooses it when you are prepared.

You should be capable of handling the workload and put in a lot of hard work. You should always seek guidance and practice more to ace the test.

Is It Right to Choose AP Physics?

AP Physics can be difficult if constant hard work is not applied. It is perfect for students who possess great mathematical skills and think out of the box.

Choosing AP Physics can introduce to the most fundamental concepts which will come in handy in college.


AP Physics can be quite tricky and difficult at times.

But with the right amount of dedication and hard work, it can be very beneficial in all the STEM subjects. You should choose if you want to embark on a mathematical skills journey and the fundamental concept of Physics.

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