Is AP World History Worth It? Should You Be Bothered to Take It?

Advanced placement courses are specially designed courses.

They are designed in a way that high school students can access the curriculum at the college level. They are administered in a wide range of subjects. It helps a student in scoring good credit.

The advanced placement world history course is a beneficial one as it helps the student to study the college curriculum.

They generally use college-level textbooks to set the foundation of learning for high school students.

Exam and Scoring

The exam consists of 2 sections that are further divided into 2 parts. In section 1, Part A comprises 55 multiple choice questions with four options each. In Part B, there are 3 short-answer questions.

Section 2of the exam requires the students to write 2 essays. There is a long essay type question as well, which comprises of majorly three historic reasoning processes.

This includes a pattern of change and continuity, causation, and comparison.

Section A accounts for 60% of the total marks. This includes 40% marks from multiple-choice questions and the other 20% from short-answer questions.

Section B comprises of the remaining 40% of the total marks. 25% of this is derived from document-based questions and the other 15% from long essay questions.

Why Should You Choose AP World History?

There might be many people telling you about how you should think about choosing or not choosing AP world history. Here is a list of reasons which will help you solve this dilemma.

A Good College Application

AP curriculum, without a doubt, makes your college application look a lot better.

It will also help you improve your GPA and class rank. But you will have to make sure to take the AP world history seriously and clear the exam.

Helps You Manage Workload

AP classes, along with your regular classes, can be a bit difficult to manage. If you successfully manage the workload in the history classes, it will be a lot convenient for other subjects.

You Have an Interest in History

There is no reason better than this to justify your choosing AP world history.

If you are immensely interested in studying history, AP will enhance your knowledge. It will also help you to develop a deeper understanding and interest in history lessons.


While there might be many reasons why you should choose history, there might also be some negatives. Only choose it when you are good at handling workload and have a keen interest in history.

Choosing it just for the sake of good credits will not be beneficial. It will rather increase your work pressure.

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