SAT vs GRE: Which of the Two Exams Is Harder?

During the hassle of finding colleges, applying to them, and deciding the exams to gain a competitive edge over others, students often get lost in the ocean of information.

Though it is always an excellent idea to gather details and facts before making any decision, getting mislaid among them can hamper a student’s career.

Here we will present the answer to the most popular question of many students: What is the difference between SAT and GRE? So read on to get a thorough idea of SAT vs GRE.

The Big Difference

The first most significant difference is that the SAT is an exam conducted for high school juniors and seniors. On the other hand, GRE is an exam for students who aspire to pursue a master’s degree in business after college.

Exam Pattern and Structure

The exam’s time duration and the topics covered are also a bit different for each of them. GRE Exam consists of six sections, where two of its sections are repeated.

  • Analytical Writing
  • Verbal Reasoning (Twice in the exam)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Twice in the exam)
  • Experimental and research section

SAT majorly consists of two sections and provides an option for an additional part.

  • Maths (With and without a calculator)
  • Evidence-based reading and writing
  • Essay writing (Optional)

The period allowed for the GRE Exam is around 3 hours and 45 minutes. The time allowed for the SAT is approx. 3 hours. <

Other Major Differences

Here are the major differences to pay attention to when sitting for the exam:

Adaptive Testing

SAT is only available in a paper-pencil test, whereas the GRE Exam is conducted as a computer-delivered test. Since GRE is a computer-based test, it has an adaptive testing feature.

This feature adapts the skills of the students and automatically shifts the difficulty level. SAT has not reached this level of examination yet.

Grading System

SAT has a score of a maximum of 1600 that is divided into two sections of 800 each. Students will be judged separately for each section, and the final score will be provided by compiling the overall percentile.

For GRE, the maximum score stands at 800. It is calculated as per the weighted scale of each section. An overall percentile is also provided to the students as different colleges judge them based on this percentile.

The quantitative and verbal reasoning measures score ranges from 130 to 170, with one-point increments. The analytical writing section score range from 0-6, in a half-point increment.

Fees Structure

If you have given SAT and are going to get registered for GRE, hold your extra expenses.

GRE Exam is a lot expensive than SAT.

GRE fees vary from $205 to $255 according to your location and country. Though it is pricey, ETS provides fee reductions for those who are unemployed or financially weak.

The fee for the SAT without an essay is $52. The same exam with an essay costs $68. The fees may vary according to your location. You can also get the benefit of SAT Fee Waivers.

Final Verdict

Brooding over different career opportunities and ways to achieve them is essential for becoming successful. Always searching for information is good but make sure not to get lost in any way.

We hope this comparison between SAT and GRE will prove to be helpful for your future endeavors.

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